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  Facial Rejuvenation  
facelift and fat injectionLower facelift procedure combined with microlayering fat injection to the cheek and chin area created a much more youthful look.
Fat injection for facial rejuvenationMicrolayering fat injection to the cheeks, lips, along the jawline and between the brows produced a natural more youthful and less tired appearence.
Patient's Experience:
Despues de la cirujia, me siento mejor. La gente mehan comentado que lusco mas joven. La cirujia hacambiado mi imagen. Me siento mejor. (After the surgery I feel better. My face appears much better. I look younger and my image has changed. People have been telling me that I look much younger.)
Dr Perry's Comments:
To reposition sagging skin and muscles of the face and neck this individual had a facelift procedure.
upper eyelid blepharoplasty Patient's Experience:
Vorletzten Sommer besuchte mich meine Freundin aus Amerika.Ich bemerkte sofort, dass sie viel juenger aussah, gluecklicher erschien und auch sonst Zufriedenheit ausstrahlte. Als ich sie nach dem Grund dieser "Verwandlung" fragte, erzaehlte sie mir von Dr. Perry in RI, USA. Sie nannte ihn ihren "Wunder Doktor",weil er nicht nur ihr Gesicht veruengerte, sondern auch ihr Leben durch diese Verjuengung viel positiver wurde. Nachdem meine Freundin wieder in den Staaten war, kam auch bei mir der Gedanke, etwas fuer mein Aussehen zu tun. Fuer ein "Gesichts-Lifting" war ich noch nicht bereit, aber ich wusste, dass meine Augen immer muede aussahen. Ich rief meine Freundin an, um alles fuer mich mit Dr. Perry zu arrangieren und buchte einen Flug nach USA. Obwohl ich Dr. Perry nicht persoenlich kannte und niemals eine Besprechung mit ihm hatte, wusste ich, wie sehr meine Freundin von Dr. Perry's Verschoenerungskuensten begeistert bzw. Ueberzeugt war. Uebereinstimmend mit meiner Freundin, begab ich mich vertrauensvoll in die Haende von Dr. Perry. Ich bin sehr Zufrieden mit meinen neuen "ausgeruhten" Augen.
(When my girlfriend from the USA came to visit me in Germany a couple of summers ago, she looked younger, happier and generally appeared to be more confident. When I questioned her about this change, she told me about Dr. Perry in RI and how he had rejuvenated her facial looks. She kept referring to him as her miracle Dr. and told me that this procedure not only made her look much younger, but also gave her a much more positive outlook in life. Once my girlfriend returned to the USA I started thinking about enhancing my looks. At the time I felt I was not ready for an entire face-lift but knew that my eyes gave me a "tired" appearance. I contacted my girlfriend to arrange everything with Dr. Perry and booked a flight to the USA. I had never met Dr. Perry before, or had a conversation with him, but knew that my girlfriend had complete confidence in him. I am very happy with me new and "refreshed" look.)
Dr Perry's Comments:
Eyelid surgery to remove the extra eyelid skin resulted in a much more open and awake appearance.
fat injection laser resurfaceing

Patient's Experience:
"Before you I was a 50 year old woman showing the signs of aging. Since you I am still that 50 yr. old woman who now appears to be 10 to 15 years younger. Such exhilaration! There's no doubt in my mind that you are the master of your craft. Thank you, Dr. Perry for a new lease on life. My husband says "ditto"."
Dr Perry's Comments:
This Patient had microlayering fat injection to the cheeks, lips and chin (results in the middle). One year later she had laser resurfacing to improve the skin texture (final results on left).



liposuction neckPatient's Experience:
"Dear Dr. Perry and Staff,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, most importantly for the professionalism that your office represents. I could not have been more pleased with the office consultation, the surgery and support from the office staff and Dr. Perry."
Dr Perry's Comments:
12 years ago liposculpture alone produced this good result. This procedure will produce skin contraction and often a rejuvenating effect in many individuals, who, in the past would only have been offered the facelift procedure. But the degree of contraction is dependant on the elasticity that the skin possesses. With age, weight fluctuations and sun damage the skin will loose elasticity eventually making the facelift procedure more effective at producing contouring of the lower face.
total facelift12 years ago this patient declined to have a facelift and chose only liposuction to improve the area below the neck (see photo grouping to the left). After 12 years she returned and had a total facelift procedure to tighten the skin under the neck, jowls and reposition the eyebrows.
facelift laser resurfacing Patient's Experience:
I was completely satisfied with all phases of my treatment by Dr. Perry. He was patient and he completely explained all phases of my surgery. His artistic creativity and his competent surgical skills make him an excellent plastic surgeon.
Dr Perry's Comments:
This patient had eyelid surgery, facelift and cheek implants. This was followed with a deep resurfacing procedure a few months later. The combined results of repositioning sagging tissues, enhancing volume to the mid face to compensate for the volume that is lost with time and the tightening and smoothing a fact of the skin due to the resurfacing procedure has created a dramatic improvement. To emphasize the texture changes resulting from the resurfacing procedure a close-up of the eyelids is shown. Her resurfacing procedure was done using a deep chemical peel now I would use a laser to achieve the same results. I would now also favor micro-layering fat injection over the cheek implants to obtain the volume enhancement in the cheek.
facelict Patient's Experience:
"Unbelievable -- Dr. Perry turned my facial clock back at least ten years. My boss continues to ask me: "what happened to your older sister"? Dr. Perry has not only helped me to rejuvenate my face, but also my confidence and positive outlook in life."
Dr Perry's Comments:
To reposition sagging skin and muscles of the face and neck this individual had a facelift procedure.

Male patient having had facelift eyelid surgery, fat injectionSurgery to the lower face and neck lift, lower eyelid surgery, and microlayering fat injection to the cheeks and along the jawline produced a dramatic improvement in the parents.
fat injectionThis patient was concerned about the bags under his eyes and also the tired look. Microlayering fat injection
to the cheek area was able to contour the cheek into the "bulge" under his eyes and create a more youthful fullness
to the cheek area. This corrected both his concerns with one procedure.
facelift upper eyelid surgeryA facelift procedure, upper and lower eyelid surgery and cheek implants were combined for the overall effect. In recent years I have favored microlayering fat injection to contour areas such as the cheeks and chin.
faceliftLower face and neck lift created a less tired look.
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