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  Creating a Bronze Sculpture

Dr Perry working on clay sculpture that will be bronze SculptureA bronze sculpture never begins in bronze. Typically the sculpture is first made from clay. From this piece a mold is made. From the second mode a plaster master is made. To this plaster work the final detailed work is usually done. Another mold is then made from the plaster. Wax is then poured into this mold. The wax sculpture that is created is then coated or invested in ceramic or plaster material. The wax is then melted and/or burned out of the investing material. Into the hollow cavity that once held the wax the molten bronze is poured. This final step is called the "lost wax" casting process because the wax is destroyed or "lost" in the process. Next the bronze piece is cleaned and the channels that were created in pouring the bronze removed. This step is referred to as chasing. Fiinally chemicals are applied to create a patina to produce the final surface.
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