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  Bronze Sculptures

  The artwork below is on permanent display at our office gallery. You are invited to view them anytime during our office hours.

Part of sculpture's appeal to me is that it exists in our three dimensional world. Because sculpture processes actual volume and space, the viewer naturally relates to its image differently than if the image was a two dimensional illusion of form and space. I feel that the figure is a timeless theme in sculpture due to the variety of ways can be interpreted. The figure can be a pure statement of forms and surface. It can also be a reference to an individual possessing thought and emotions. The figure provides an endless opportunity to comment on the human condition. For the figure studies I try to create pieces possessing a sensitivity and sensuality. The child sculptures were inspired by my own family. My hope is that they will evoke memories and emotions, that while different than the figure studies, are universal in the own right.
  Brenda Bronze Sculpture Brenda: Bronze, 25 inches high, Limited edition of 8  
  Tamara Bronze sculpture Tamara: Bronze, 51 inches, long Limited edition of 8   Seaside Discovery bronze sculpture Seaside Discovery: Bronze, 12.5 inches high, Limited edition of 18  
  Contemporary Classic bronze sculpture Contemporary Classic: Bronze, 20.5 inches high, Limited edition of 150   Castle builder bronze sculpture

Castle Builder: Bronze, 19.5 inches high, Limited edition of 18
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