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  Virtual Seminar  
Welcome to our "Virtual Seminar" page. We are both pleased and proud of our many patients who share their experiences with others at our seminars. Below are photos of some of these patients and to the right, video segments of the patient telling their own stories.

The images to the left are eleven years old. At that time Cheryl had fat injection to the brow, cheeks, lips and along the jawline, as well as laser resurfacing to the entire face. Years later she had facelift, browlift, and upper eyelid surgery.


"Geri" had a browlift, lower facelift wih liposuction, upper eyelid surgery and fat injection cheeks to give the face a more open and vital appearance.

We restored the lost volume to Peter's cheeks natually by using micro fat injection to give a more youthful appearance .

Monika's procedures have helped her appearance keep pace with her out-going personality!
Joan had already had a total facelift before the photos on the left were taken. Laser resurfacing and fat injection to the brow, chin, lips and chin completed the rejuvenating effect.
Craig's nose surgery, facelift with liposuction, fat injection cheeks and chin contributes to him looking the way he feels.
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